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Importance of Dance

Ballroom dancing, whether performed competitively or socially, has an incredibly positive impact on a dancer's health and general sense of well-being. Affluence, career success, or material wealth do not hold the keys to happiness; instead, personal well-being comes about when people can add a wider meaning to their lives. Connecting with others through dancing helps people realize that there is something bigger and more important out there than themselves.

Dancing is a key to good health
Ballroom dancing can significantly reduce the risk of health conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and weight gain. Ballroom dancing will strengthen the core muscles, improving your posture, helping your back, and preventing future injuries. Strong core muscles, which run the whole length of the torso, will add strength and stability to the spine and pelvis. These muscles provide a solid foundation for movement in all the Ballroom and Latin styles of dance, such as changing direction, shifting weight, and all other type of floor craft. While dancing, lungs receive plenty of oxygen, which will make the heart work more efficiently. Dancing also tones the body and reduces the regular aches and pains that people might feel as they get older!

Dancing keeps you sharp and focused
In a high-tech society, we often feel bombarded by information and it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and forgetful. Scientific research done all over the world proves time and time again that ballroom dancing is one of the best possible activities you can do to keep your mind and memory sharp. Ballroom dancing specifically has been linked to a decrease in the risk for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia. Because dancing with a partner works your mind and body as well as strengthening your ability to communicate effectively, it strengthens all parts of your brain: physical, mental, and social. This total mind and body workout will keep you sharp and strong for years to come!



Dancing is a natural stress reliever

In today's stressful world, the social aspects of ballroom dancing combined with the physical exercise of moving across the floor provides one of the most effective stress releases of any recreational activity. When taking ballroom dance lessons, one's mind is released from everyday concerns, providing a quick mental holiday! Going out dancing or taking lessons allows people to temporarily forget about the problems and stress in their life and truly focus on their own well-being!

Dancing is a fun social activity
An easy way to secure long-term happiness is to take up an activity that involves making friends, such as ballroom dancing. Taking group class lessons in dance is a great way to create and secure friendships. Ballroom dance studios are warm, friendly, and relaxed places that provide an ideal social climate for both men and women to gather together and develop friendships!

Dancing is a great confidence booster
Everyone notices dancers! Since dancing improves posture, dancers have a better sense of themselves and their body than most people. No more sitting out dances and watching everyone else have a good time! When people learn how to dance, doubts and fears are conquered and this greater confidence spills over to other aspects of their lives!

Dancing is a skill that can always be used
Learning to ballroom dance is a skill that will stay with someone forever. The benefit of being able to continuously meet new people, socialize, have fun, and get great exercise will never disappear, whether you are 9 or 99... learn how to dance now and love to dance forever!

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